Crochet dress Caroline


Make from beautiful crochet heart pattern, this dress are definition of boho elegance. They can be wear for any romantic evening. You will definitely look in them gentle and decent.

We have this dress in stock only in one piece in beige color (like on photos). Dress is very elastic. Size is universal, fit to XS-S. This one piece can be ship immiadetely.

Dresses in other colors are handmade to order. We can make this dress for you in any color you like, production time is approximately two months. We have this model available as a wedding dress too.

Please specify in note which piece you wish to order. If you wish to order a piece in stock. Or if you want a custom order, specify color.


Handmade: Dress is crochet and made individually by hand in European Union. Each style is a limited edition, completed with its own personality, charisma, statement, and look.

Material: Dress is made from special yarn which is strong, durable and elastic. Dress is submit with quality gown. Material is 100% polyester.

Size: All dresses are in one universal size. They are elastic so they perfectly highlight female curves.

Colour: We can produce dress in various colours. We can send you information about the current colour in stock by e-mail. In case you wish colour which is not available, we can arrange it with extra waiting time. You can check all available colours of yarn here.

Washing instruction: Hand Wash Only/Do Not Bleach/Do Not Iron/Do Not Dry.

Wash crochet dress only in hand with little bit of washing powder. After that, we recommend put it on the hanger and let it naturally dry out. Never wash it in the washing machine and never put it in the dryer. Never iron crochet dress. Hight temperature can destroy crochet clothes!


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