Available colors of cottons and yarns

Most of our dresses and skirts is made from luxury yarn TULIP. This material is  shiny, strong and very elastic. As a result, the product adapts beautifully to your figure, even after a conference size change.

For each model, we indicate the color in which we currently have the model in stock. We can send you the models in stock immediately. We will be happy to make you dress or skirt from actual collection (pieces in full price), in any color. Here you can find avaliable colours. Please write the colour you want into the note when placing the order. Production time for such cases will be about two months.

Top of the baby dress can be except for luxury yarn Tulip made also from soft yarn Alize Diva Stretch. This yarn in very comfortable to wear. It is not so shiny as yarn Tulip.

Our  skirts are make also from cotton yarn Maxi Sugar Rush, which is  very comfortable to wear. This yarn is not as luxury, elegant and shine as yarn TULIP. It is also less elastic.

Maxi Sugar Rush has more than 80 colour of yarn available. We can send you information about the current colour in stock by e-mail. In case you wish colour which is not available, we can arrange it with extra waiting time. You can check closer all available colours here.