Our crocheted story

My name is Klaudia Sumegová, founder of Slovak fashion brand Lazoet.  Together with my colleagues we are trying to combine our passion for handmade work with sustainable fashion. We are producing dresses, skirts and tops which due to their timelessness far outlives seasonal trends.

Behind every piece, there are many hours of honest handmade work and patience. Our goal is to come back to sustainable fashion production that reflects elegance, femininity and traditions. Our focus is on quality, not quantity. Fashion industry has reached a point, when it is no more sustainable. That is why we want to promote slow fashion and offer you pieces with uniqueness that can last for years.

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How did it all start?
Our mom has always been passionate about crocheting. The story of Lazoet dates back to the time when I was graduating from the university and my mom created her first crochet dress as a gift for me for my graduation ceremony. This small experiment turned to have a huge success and it has encouraged her to make more pieces. My mom created more and more dresses. Since then, my sisters and I always had a unique piece to wear for any special occasion.

These times have assured us, that we should show our dresses to the world. Apart of it, we wanted to increase awareness of handmade production in the fashion industry. I felt, sustainable handmade fashion business is what I wanted to do in my future. So together with my sisters and mum, we started to work on it. 

It was long and challenging journey full of experimenting and learning. However, thanks to the help of many people, in autumn 2017 fashion brand Lazoet was established and our first collection of crochet dresses was completed.

Traditional handmade

Our goal is alsoto raise awareness of the beauty handmade work. In the past, most of the women knew how to crochet or knit. However, nowadays, just a few women still have these skills. And it is a pity.

That is why we would like to bring back the beauty of original handmade products. We believe, we can bring this traditional art closer to the young generation again. And maybe, inspire some of you to catch a hook and create something nice for yourself.

We believe that you will fall in love with our handmade pieces too!

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