Lazoet spells a new era in style and luxury crochet clothes which far outlives seasonal trends. We create handmade clothing for real women who need pieces that inspire them for decades. We try to make our clothing as unique as the wearer.



Fashion business is focus on ” fast fashion” today – we are buying lot of poor quality clothing. Our philosophy is to do “slow fashion”. We focus on quality, not quantity. We would like bring back to the fashion industry crochet clothes, which was common in the past and woman did it by themselves during evenings.  Nowadays everything is do by machines and still less and less woman know how to crochet or knit. Thats why we start up our fashion brand of crochet clothes. We want to bring  this crochet art back to the people. And we want bring it at modern dresses.


Each piece of our crochet clothes is make by us at north of Slovak republic. There are lot of hours of designing, trying, mating and of course, precision manual work by each new model. We try to bring something new, special, original and lasting into the world with each new style. And of course, each style is make just in limited editions. It also boasts an unparalleled quality, created from luxury yarn to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. Our goal is to make timeless and sophisticated clothes, which will be modern and elegant even after years.


We are small company base in Slovak republic. We like crocheting and fashion, thats why we decides to join this two thing and set up our handmade fashion brand. From start to finish, we take care at everything at our clothes. We know every person involved in design and process. In a world full of complications, we find peace in being small and transparent. And with big focus on your customer.

Try our crochet clothes and hopefully you’ll love them too!

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